Bear Tracks on the Copper River near Cordova, Alaska

Bear Tracks on the Copper River near Cordova, Alaska

Welcome to my blog: created & published entirely from my phone.

If you’re a Cordovan, follow my posts to hear all about the best things in Cordova: events, attractions, ideas, outdoor activities, businesses, and people.

For you wanna-be Cordovans, follow my posts to learn more about life up here.

But I must say, if you’ve never been to Cordova; well, you’re just missing out. It’s a cozy fishing town on the south-central coast of Alaska known for its beautiful harbor, lush rainforests, grandiose glaciers, and friendly community.

Please feel free to offer me new ideas for posts. Email your suggestions to me at cathy@ctcak.net.

I would also love your feedback! Please leave me your comments, and share your favorite posts on your favorite social platform. I’ve installed easy facebook and twitter sharing links at the bottom of each post! Hope you enjoy!

My mobile musings are made possible by Cordova Wireless Communications & my iPhone.

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. ibrahim says:

    As a wanna-be Cordovan who had the privilege to visit that lovely place but residing in thousands of miles away (Istanbul-Turkey), I`m already addicted to anything related to Cordova. Please keep posting, and thanks in advance for the incoming photos πŸ™‚

  2. Jeff Edwards says:

    Cathy- I’m from Prior Lake,MN. Your blog is great,though I’m envious of your snow dilemma. We are actually “snowless” and 50 degrees. Still hoping for some regular snowfall. Good Luck! Jeff

  3. Mike Mulholland says:

    Hi Cathy…typing this from Salisbury, Maryland. I wish we had some of your snow. Maybe not 18 feet, but a good chunk of it. We get mostly rain here during the winter. I will keep up with your goings-on reading this very nice blog of yours. Best of luck to you and your fellow Cordovians. Mike πŸ™‚

  4. Vaygar-Ingvald Elmersson says:

    WOW! Does this bring back all sorts of memories. I was stationed there back in the mid-70s. From the looks of things some things are new, some things never chage: same ole shot od downtown, same ole Reluctant Fisherman. Ahhhhh…

    • CordovaBuzz says:

      If you were here in the 70’s, you may have caught the last big snowstorm we had. This one was still bigger, but some of the old school Cordovans keep saying this is “just like the old days in the 70’s.”

  5. Mike Mulholland says:

    Maryland here. We were supposed to get our first “snowfall”. Non-accumulating of course, but snow just the same. It didn’t happen. 😦

  6. Mike Mulholland says:

    No snow yet over here in Salisbury, Maryland Cathy! It’s been 40 something the past few days, and then it’s going up into the 60’s again tomorrow! I WANT SNOW!!! 😦

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