4th of July Festivities

It sure feels like summer around here lately. With almost more sunshine than rain these days, Cordovans might run the risk of forgetting they live in Cordova!

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Taking in some sun on a hike up to midway at Mt Eyak Ski Area


And what says “summer” more than the 4th of July?! Every summer the Cordova Alaska Chamber of Commerce, hosts an Old Time Fourth of July Celebration on Main Street. Lots of local volunteers and community organizations chip in to make it happen, and it’s always a GREAT time.  Continue reading

Heatwave hits Cordova!

Well, nothing is ever normal in Cordova… that’s for sure! First it was Snowpocalypse, now it’s a record heatwave! Can you believe it’s been 90 degrees plus over the past 3 days?! Well, I’ll tell you one thing, we are NOT complaining! Finally getting a chance to get some use out of our shorts, sundresses and (most importantly) bathing suits, Cordovans have been drinking in this sunshine and heat! Kayaking, water skiing, swimming, jetskiing, sunbathing, you name it! Quite a change from this winter, Cordova is ready for summer!