Excited for winter!

As the days begin to get darker and the air gets crisper, I start to yearn for winter.  It’s been mostly wind and rain here lately, with some moments of clear skies mixed in for good measure.  But as I duck in and out of respites from the rain, I remember last year in October and November, when we were doing something entirely different:

Skating at Sheridan Glacier

Skating at Sheridan Glacier

Skating at Sheridan Glacier

Skating at Sheridan Glacier


Exploring the icebergs of Sheridan Glacier


skating in between icebergs on Sheridan Glacier Lake

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Ski Town, AK!

I just moved here from a ski town in Colorado. Have I mentioned that? Well, I guess I’m a snow thief then because I seem to have taken it all with me when I left there last year. Say what you will: I may be a thief, but I’m no hog! They can send a giant cooler up here and haul as much as they want to back to Steamboat.

We have a ski resort here, too, you know. Mt. Eyak actually has the oldest operating chair lift in North America. That’s kind of a fun fact, but it doesn’t help us when there’s too much snow for the lift to even run!

This was taken at the top of the chairlift, the chair buried in snow. Photo credit Rob Campbell

The season started here with about 2 feet of fresh powder on Thanksgiving. New Year’s weekend 2012 was also pretty epic (to employ Cordova’s most overused term of the year). Check out these great videos by John Giardina.

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The Snowpocalypse Diet

I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. Thank you Snowpocalypse for helping me get into the pre-wedding shape I’ve always dreamed of. *warning, Snowpocalypse is not for everyone, talk to your doctor before taking on Snowpocalypse, side effects may vary. Some people have experienced fatigue, lower pack pain, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, feelings of depression, muscle cramps, numbness in fingers, minor bleeding, and bruising. If you experience these symptoms, it is not recommended to quit taking on Snowpocalypse as symptoms may worsen. However, some people experience temporary relief by mixing Snowpocaliypse with alcohol.

Vivian Lian wrote this great quip.  Regardless of all this crazy weather, I feel pretty lucky to live in Cordova with such great people.  We’ve got some pretty funny ones here.

Cordova Snowpocalypse 2012

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My dog loves snow.  She rolls in it, eats it, buries herself, and chases snowballs until she can’t walk.  To her, when it snows, it’s like the whole world is covered in one big edible toy.  But for the rest of us, snow is only fun until… well… until it’s not.  Here in Cordova, we’ve had a lot of snow lately.  Over 15 feet, according to NOAA.  We all heard about it… heck, most of us have been breaking our back for the last week shoveling it out of our driveways, sidewalks, doorways, lives.

I’ve been skiing the heck out of some skiing here at Mt. Eyak, but there comes a point when enough snow is enough.  Generally that point comes somewhere in the same region as 3 avalanches and some roof collapses.  Thus far, Copper River Seafoods, Orca Adventure Lodge, and at least 6 residences have experienced cave-ins and it hasn’t stopped yet!  We even made the newspapers, Anchorage news channel, and (most importantly) cable TV!

Thanks, Kevin Kimber and Rochelle Van Den Broek for helping out those poor LA folks that will never know the blessing of a Cordova winter.  I just tweeted a few pictures, and all the sudden I’m getting asked for an interview as well!  Man, if we’re not careful, we’re going to start feeling like movie stars here.  Wait, no that will never happen unless there is a reunion episode of Northern Exposure coming up that I don’t know about.

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