Fish-forward Festival brings Music and Fun!

This article is reblogged with permission from Copper River Wild Salmon Festival. Check out their website for more information on this great local festival supporting the arts in our fish-forward town.
INSIDER TIP:  Volunteer opportunities are currently available that give you half price admission!

Salmon Jam

Salmon Jam Music Festival is a summer highlight for many Cordovans and visitors, and this year is poised to be their best yet. There’s always good food, a hopping dance floor, lots of neat arts and crafts booths, and a packed beer garden. But that’s not the only reason Salmon Jam is great. An anchor component of Cordova’s annual summer event, Copper River Wild Salmon Festival, Salmon Jam is also the annual fundraiser for Cordova Arts, a non-profit group of local volunteers that works year-round to bring arts and culture to our small but vibrant community.

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What’s happening in Cordova

In such a small town, sometimes it seems that word travels by itself. In Cordova, that can be true. But it never hurts to have a point of reference. That’s why I love the Cordova Community Calendar.  You can access this through Cordova Telephone Cooperative‘s free Community pages.

If you’re new to town,, available through, are invaluable.  You can browse items for sale, housing for rent and for sale, job openings, and community announcements for Cordova.  You can also check out Cordova Classifieds on facebook at for the most up-to-date listings.  The City of Cordova offices also give some good information about Cordova on their website.

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Copper River Wild Salmon Jam

Salmon Jam

Although I’m sure it would make an excellent marmalade, unfortunately I’m not talking about sockeye spread. 

Copper River Wild Salmon Jam Salmon Jam is part of the Copper River Wild! Salmon Festival held every July in beautiful Cordova, Alaska.  The annual event usually lasts 3-4 days and consists of several fun events all aimed at growing awareness and support to protect our most plentiful and valuable natural resource:  Wild Salmon

This year, Cordova Arts‘ flagship event was especially jam-packed.  It could have been a product of the gorgeous sunny weather we were blessed with that weekend.  But I think the word just got out that Cordova’s awesome, espeically during Salmon Jam!

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