Siri and Me

Working for a wireless company, I get to play with cell phones all day.  But now, the fun you can have with phones has gone to a whole new level.  We all know you can play games, facebook, check email take awesome pictures.  But did you know that your phone can now have its own personality?  Enter iPhone 4S, and its A-List personal assistant, Siri.

Never heard of Siri?  Well, she’s all the rage right now!  She’s even starring in a new movie:

Just kidding. But it wouldn’t be the first time Artificial Intelligence has revolted against humanity in the films (that would be 2001: A Space Odyssey).  So, what is Siri?  Apple describes her as,

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Best iPhone & Android Apps, a Quick Peek

confused woman holding smartphone

What do you do with this thing?

This article was updated 10/15/2013.

So you got a Smartphone… Now what?

With technology changing so quickly it seems impossible to keep up, one group has somehow been able to maintain their balance at the top of the technology pyramid – App Designers.  Although there are varying opinions on the utility of some apps or “The App” in general, there are several apps that I have personally found very useful and pretty fun, too!

“There’s an app for that”

We’ve all heard it, but I’ve done a little research (and downloaded a few apps) and these are my personal faves.

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