Cordova Fungus Festival

Fungus Festival!

Every fall in Cordova, when the always-too-short summer winds down and all the berries have been picked, there is still a secret treasure covering the forest floors… mushrooms!


And if there’s one thing Cordovans know how to do, it is to feast on and celebrate the bounty of goodness this land provides!  Enter…  Cordova Fungus Festival!

This year, the festivities commence Sept. 7th – 9th and feature a variety of events.


Starting on Friday, 9/7/12, go gather your fungus-grabbing fingers off and then come in any time for the all-day Fungus ID Tables with:

  • Steve Trudell (PNW “Fungus Master” and co-author of the Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.)
  • Else Vellinga (Mycological researcher)
  • Kate Mohatt (Local Forest Service Mycologist)
  • Then, later that night, join in on the Evening Program at the USFS Courtroom, where (among others) award-winning nature photographer and writer Amy Gulick talks about ‘Salmon in the Trees: Life in AK Tongass Rain Forest’

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What’s happening in Cordova

In such a small town, sometimes it seems that word travels by itself. In Cordova, that can be true. But it never hurts to have a point of reference. That’s why I love the Cordova Community Calendar.  You can access this through Cordova Telephone Cooperative‘s free Community pages.

If you’re new to town,, available through, are invaluable.  You can browse items for sale, housing for rent and for sale, job openings, and community announcements for Cordova.  You can also check out Cordova Classifieds on facebook at for the most up-to-date listings.  The City of Cordova offices also give some good information about Cordova on their website.

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