Heatwave hits Cordova!

Well, nothing is ever normal in Cordova… that’s for sure! First it was Snowpocalypse, now it’s a record heatwave! Can you believe it’s been 90 degrees plus over the past 3 days?! Well, I’ll tell you one thing, we are NOT complaining! Finally getting a chance to get some use out of our shorts, sundresses and (most importantly) bathing suits, Cordovans have been drinking in this sunshine and heat! Kayaking, water skiing, swimming, jetskiing, sunbathing, you name it! Quite a change from this winter, Cordova is ready for summer!

Micah and his catch

Fishing the Copper River Delta

Million Dollar Bridge over the Copper River

The Million Dollar Bridge over the Copper River with Child’s Glacier in the background

The Copper River is the second largest river in the state of Alaska.  That’s saying something in a state where you can throw a rock in any direction and hit one.  It’s actually the 10th largest river in the United States (but I think that first statistic is more impressive.)  From it’s birth at the base of Mount Wrangell, this beast runs some 200 miles of Alaska’s toughest country at about 56,000 cfs (give or take) before it graces our doorstep at the Million Dollar Bridge, aka “the end of the road”.  You could say that if the mountains are the backbone of Cordova, the Copper River and her delta are its lifeblood.

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Graduation Salutations!

Last Saturday marked an important day in the lives of 30 young Cordovans, possibly one of the most memorable days they’ve had.  The ceremony began with the horn, woodwind and percussion sounds of the CHS band as the graduates entered 2 by 2.  It was reminiscent of a Prom procession, especially since graduates could pick their “walking partner”.  Keegan Irving and Shannon Lindow were especially cute as they walked down the aisle together (fore-shadowing, you think?).

Walking Partners

CHS graduates receive honors

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