Improving my balance, rafting on the Copper River

Improving my balance, rafting on the Copper River

Hi there! My name is Cathy.

I’m a marketing professional, Social Media junkie, outdoor enthusiast, and resident of the most beautiful town in the world: Cordova, Alaska.

Through the lens of a riverguide turned young professional living in the nether regions of America’s wildest state, I use the latest technology to bring you a hefty helping of digi-babble on all my passions… And I do it entirely from my phone!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Joe says:

    Cathy just saw Cordova on CBS news over here in Scotland. Wow you got snow, you seems to have all of our this year cos we aint got any much. Wouldn’t mind a skype call to Alaska … btw you look nice!!! lol. best, Joe UK

  2. Chaz says:

    It looks like Cordova received all the snowfall this winter. We need snow in California. Your photos are beautiful. Stay safe and warm. A viewer from San Diego.

  3. Pam Smith says:

    Just saw your story on ABC TV. Can you send some of that snow down to the lower 48 for some of the ski areas that are hurting at this time. It’s been way too warm and sunny here in California to suit those who love the snow. It sure looks beautiful there though, but not sure I could handle the cold..

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