Cordova in the Fall

It’s easy to start feeling blue in autumn, especially in a place like Cordova, where you can gain 10 inches of rain and lose 5 minutes of daylight in a day. But there is still so much beauty to see, bounty to harvest and sometimes even some sunshine! Happy Fall, everyone!


Nagoon berries ripe for the picking and plentiful. Patches like this are highly coveted and usually pretty hard to find, but this was a good berry year.

Termination dust

Termination dust on the mountain tops as we drive out to collect firewood

Chicken Coop

Have you met our chickens yet? We named them all after characters from the show Arrested Development, but luckily we can’t tell them apart now. It’d be pretty hard to butcher them if we could…

Bridge on Crater Lake

On a lunchtime hike at Crater Lake Trail

Timber on Crater Lake Trail

Timber poses on a perfect fall lunch hike up Crater Lake

Timber at Ski Hill

On an after-work hike up Ski Hill, Timber poses by the CWC cell tower at the top

clouds parting

The clouds part long enough for a glimpse of Mt. Eccles from the I-Float, where my friends live in a floathouse in the Cordova harbor.

Moose steaks

Fresh moose steaks on the grill! That’s why Fall is the best time for potlucks!!

Timber and the chickens

Timber guards the chickens as we work on house projects on a busy Saturday.


Seasonal employers like the Forest Service always slow down in the Fall, but this was taken during the government shutdown. Only 2 essential employees 😦

Fall from my window

A beautiful fall scene from my office window.

Brenda at the Glacier

Micah’s mom and I visit the Sheridan Glacier and hike down to the lake

Micah's moose

Fall is the time of subsistence and Micah was lucky enough to draw a bull moose tag this year. But taking down and processing a moose is a group effort. We shared the work and the meat evenly with our friend Marty and his family.

Brenda's salmon

Micah’s mom caught the first Copper River Salmon of the day. Can you see all the bugs?! It’s was crazy!

Timber at ski hill

Another lunch time hike, this time up Ski Hill on a surprisingly warm September day.


What a bounty! I was able to harvest a full container of blueberries and a container of Chantrel and Angel Wing mushrooms on the same hike!


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