Cordova in the Fall

It’s easy to start feeling blue in autumn, especially in a place like Cordova, where you can gain 10 inches of rain and lose 5 minutes of daylight in a day. But there is still so much beauty to see, bounty to harvest and sometimes even some sunshine! Happy Fall, everyone!


Nagoon berries ripe for the picking and plentiful. Patches like this are highly coveted and usually pretty hard to find, but this was a good berry year.

Termination dust

Termination dust on the mountain tops as we drive out to collect firewood

Chicken Coop

Have you met our chickens yet? We named them all after characters from the show Arrested Development, but luckily we can’t tell them apart now. It’d be pretty hard to butcher them if we could…

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Excited for winter!

As the days begin to get darker and the air gets crisper, I start to yearn for winter.  It’s been mostly wind and rain here lately, with some moments of clear skies mixed in for good measure.  But as I duck in and out of respites from the rain, I remember last year in October and November, when we were doing something entirely different:

Skating at Sheridan Glacier

Skating at Sheridan Glacier

Skating at Sheridan Glacier

Skating at Sheridan Glacier


Exploring the icebergs of Sheridan Glacier


skating in between icebergs on Sheridan Glacier Lake

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How to watch TV over the Internet

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Television started out as a luxury, but by-and-by, it has become more of a utility for most Americans.  Up there with electricity, telephone and internet, it’s something many people don’t want to live without.  However, when it comes to watching television, more and more folks (400,000 last year) are cutting their cable and opting for internet-based television for a fraction of the cost.  It’s easy and cheap.  All you need is:

  1. TV
  2. High-speed internet connection with a wireless router
  3. Over-the-top streaming device.

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Home Energy Workshop comes to Cordova!



The Native Village of Eyak and Alaska Craftsman Home Program are working together to bring a great opportunity to Cordova this month!  If you’ve ever lived in this part of Alaska, you know how high your heating and energy bills can be, especially in winter!


Here in Cordova, we’re all starting to think about that as the temps get lower and we start to turn our fuel oil home heaters on more and more often.  Sure, a lot of folks have woodstoves that burn a much more economical fuel (not counting your time, your wood cutting permit and gas for your truck, firewood is free!).  But what else could we be doing to keep our costs down this winter?  Find out by checking out the Home Energy Workshops listed below.  They’re FREE, so why not?


Saturday, October 26
8:00am – First Steps: Building Science Basics
Learn the benefits including increased comfort, health, durability and lower utility bills by exploring the dynamics of heat, air and moisture in relation to the home structure, occupants and external environment.

10:00am – Insulating for Safety and Comfort
Your home’s insulation may have been fine for energy prices at the time it was built, but is it sufficient for today? Are you losing precious purchased heat? This class helps you under-stand insulation improvement options.

1:00pm – Finding and Fixing Air Leaks
Is your house drafty? Do you run a humidifier? Are your utility bills high? This class gives you tools to diagnose and fix the leaks in your home to create a more comfortable and energy efficient environment.

3:00pm – Energy Savings with Lighting and Appliances
How can you lower your electricity bill with little effort and small cost-effective investments? We compare energy effi-cient lighting and explore energy saving features of new appliances. 11 specific energy-saving practices will be covered.




Sunday, October 27

8:00am – Preventing Ice Dams
Have record snow loads taken a toll on your home? This class covers ways to protect your roof against damage by ensuring your attic has proper air sealing, insulation and ventilation. Find out what causes ice dams and how to prevent them.

10:00am – Heating and Hot Water Choices
Attend this class for an overview of high efficient boilers, furnaces, water heaters and more. We will help you decode the technical info so you can make the best choice for your home and for your budget.

1:00pm – Evaluating Doors and Windows
It’s a big decision whether or not to replace your windows and doors. We give you a logical framework to evaluate your home. What are the features of a more energy efficient door or window? Learn terms you’ll run into while shopping.

3:00pm – Healthy Indoor Air Through Ventilation

Have you ever considered that the air outside your home could be healthier than the air inside? By bringing fresh air into your home, you can control indoor air quality. This class gives you the steps to ventilate your home adequately.

All classes are FREE and located at the Masonic Hall on Main Street.  You can even get Continuing Education Credits from taking these classes, if that’s something you’re looking for.

REGISTER AT: or call (907) 258-2247 or 424-2233