A very talented local blogger, Shelly, shares her latest Cordova adventure!

south of ultima thule


One thing that sometimes gets me down when  navigating the virtual world is that it so often only captures the highs, the carefully curated moments of a person’s life, that we deem worth sharing. As I bounce from blog to blog to Facebook post I often end up feeling like a very boring and stunted person as I look through everyone else’s “highlight reel.”

So I understand if this makes you mad…and I’m not trying to brag….but…..

I got to do something exceptionally awesome this week!

It all happened because I had some free time, the weather was gorgeous and I live in a very small town.  My husband had to take some aerial photos for a project he’s working on and they just happened to have an extra seat on the helicopter!  So with about 5 minutes notice I was able to join them.


Check it out, I’m pretty excited!  It was…

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The Great Copper River Salmon Race Of 2013

We’re all the rage!


copperriverby Andrew Chalk

The battle of the Copper River Salmon has been crazy in Dallas. With the announcement from Matt McCallister (FT33) and Scott Romano (Nick and Sam’s) taking to the waters of Cordova, Alaska to procure their very own specimens. John Tesar (Spoon Bar and Kitchen) quickly lashed out that he was expecting his own shipment well before the chefs dipped their poles into the water.

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The Salmon Are Here | Fishing On The Copper River Starts Today




That’s Right!  It’s salmon time in Alaska!  Local fishermen will head out in early this morning for a 7 A.M. opener, which marks the start of the 2013 salmon season.  The webcam is a view is from the top of My Eyak, overlooking Cordova’s beautiful harbor.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast is a bit nasty.   Alaska doesn’t want to break free of winter’s icy grip this spring.  The local airport reported record lows this morning, too.  Regardless of the conditions wild caught salmon will be hitting dinner tables soon.   Copper River Reds will be wisked from the tiny port of Cordova and travel across the world within just a few days.  Fresh Alaskan salmon will hit stores by Friday.  Ever wonder how “Copper River Reds” got so popular?  Check out this recent article:


It’s been 30 years since Jon Rowley first persuaded a…

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Ready, Set… Fish!

Tomorrow is big…. real big! Since Cordova is a fishing town (that’s putting it lightly), you’d probably guess that the beginning of the fishing season is pretty important.  But did you know that Cordova also has the earliest wild Alaskan salmon commercial opener?  That’s right — every fresh-fish-craving, blue-blooded American (and some foreigners, too) are going to fight over tomorrow’s catch.  And this isn’t just any salmon, either.  This is Copper River Salmon, world-renown for its superior quality, taste & sustainability.  By Friday, the first Copper River Salmon of the year will be flown to Seattle with pomp and fanfare on Alaska Airlines Cargo, to chefs waiting on the tarmack.  In an Iron Chef – style flash of grandeur, these pros will compete to make the tastiest dish of the day with this magical ingredient for a chance to win a trip to Cordova (and some sweet bragging rights).  In fact, there are Copper River Salmon Cook-off events like this going on all over Seattle and as far south as Dallas, Texas!


Cordova fisherman, Micah Ess, heading out for the first opener of the Copper River Salmon Season, 2013. Photo by Michelle Dockins.

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