It’s a shame if you miss this event!

Connecting Cordova

It’s that time of year again, time for CTC’s Annual Membership meeting!  It’s this Friday, March 22nd starting at 5:30pm.  It might not sound too exciting (I mean, who wants to go to a “meeting” on a Friday night), but trust me… you don’t want to miss this event!

FISH WALL annual meeting image

Don’t believe me?  I’ll give you 4 reasons!

1.  Prizes!  Anyone who went to our last Annual Meeting will tell you that it’s pretty hard to walk out of that room without a prize… and we’re not talking SWAG here (although you’ll get some of that too).  Here’s a little peek at just some of the bigger doorprizes we’ll be drawing for.  In addition, we also bought gift certificates from over 40 local businesses.  Yes, we bought, not asked for donations from.  We are happy to support local businesses!!

2.  Learn something new!  Who can keep up with technology these days?…

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