Cordova Fungus Festival

Fungus Festival!

Every fall in Cordova, when the always-too-short summer winds down and all the berries have been picked, there is still a secret treasure covering the forest floors… mushrooms!


And if there’s one thing Cordovans know how to do, it is to feast on and celebrate the bounty of goodness this land provides!  Enter…  Cordova Fungus Festival!

This year, the festivities commence Sept. 7th – 9th and feature a variety of events.


Starting on Friday, 9/7/12, go gather your fungus-grabbing fingers off and then come in any time for the all-day Fungus ID Tables with:

  • Steve Trudell (PNW “Fungus Master” and co-author of the Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.)
  • Else Vellinga (Mycological researcher)
  • Kate Mohatt (Local Forest Service Mycologist)
  • Then, later that night, join in on the Evening Program at the USFS Courtroom, where (among others) award-winning nature photographer and writer Amy Gulick talks about ‘Salmon in the Trees: Life in AK Tongass Rain Forest’

The fun continues on Saturday, 9/8/12 with your choice of Fungal Forays:

  • At 9am, “Intro to Mushroom” with Steve Trudell
  • At 9am, “Collecting for Science” with Else Vellinga
  • At 1pm, “Edibles” with Kate Mohatt
  • And another all-day Fungus ID Table is available!
  • The weekend crescendos on Saturday night for the annual Fungus Feast at the Pioneer Igloo with guest chef, David Bonom!  Test your skill at the mini ID table, silent auction with locally made fungus dyed textiles, pottery & more!  Tickets available only at Orca Books on Main Street, Cordova.

Tanya Zastrow and her forte: dyeing with fungus! Image courtesy of

On Sunday, 9/9/12, you can branch out with

  • 9am – Photography Workshop “From Snapshot to Wow! Shot in Nature Photography” – learn how to go beyond point and shoot snapshots with Amy Gulick.  Register at the Net Loft, and call Tanya Zastrow for more info at (907) 424-4741.
  • 10am – Meet at USFS for morning Foray:  Beginners with Ken Hodges, USFS biologist.
  • 1pm – Dyer’s Workshop with Tanya Zastrow, local artist and mushroom dyeing expert at St. Joseph’s Church.  Register at the Net Loft, and call Tanya Zastrow for more info at (907) 424-4741.  $ Fee $

All Forays and ID Tables meet at USFS building on 2nd Street, Cordova AK.  For more information on workshops, contact Tanya Zastrow at the USFS at 907-424-4741 or 907-424-7661.  Both are limited and registration is required.

Along with (of course) silver salmon sport-fishing, this event is usually a highlight of our fall season here in Cordova.  If you’re in the area and can make it to town for this event, you won’t regret it!  And for all of you locals out there, get your butts out foraging.  The time is very NEAR for mycological bliss!!  🙂

For more great pictures from Cordova Fungus Festival 2012, check out our facebook album!


2 thoughts on “Fungus Festival!

    • CordovaBuzz says:

      Thanks, Kate. I believe Erin Cooper created the poster, as she has for several years. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that the many paper fungi were each made individually by herself and others and she created the poster from that! 🙂

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