Funny thread by fellow Alaska blogger, Juneautek! Much more if you follow this link to see the entire post.  What would you add?


I just started this thread about the whole Shit _____ Say meme going arounfd the internet.  The response has been great.  Not to mention, pretty funny.  Allow me to warn you, fishermen have foul mouths.  So, some material may offend the weak of heart.  I’m just a messenger.  Click the link or screenshot to hop over the facebook post.

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Cordova IceWorm Festival 2012

You may not expect Cordova’s biggest event of the year to be right in the middle of the winter, especially considering the winter we’ve been having!  But it is quite the to-do in these parts.  Ice Worm Festival was created to shake Cordovans out of their winter blues (and force them to dig out of their igloos).  It’s named after a tiny creature called the Iceworm that not only lives, but thrives in the icy landscape of Cordova’s Childs, Miles, Sheridan, Scott, and Saddlebag glaciers.  Iceworm Festival is about celebrating Cordovan fortitude and grit, but this year it was also about breaking free from our recent Snowpocalypse and thanking those that helped us dig out of it!

The event usually lasts Thursday-Sunday and the events include a wide variety of spectacles including:

  • The ever-aniticpated Iceworm Tail Hunt (a scavenger hunt that lasts all week, with one clue per day)
  • Historical displays at the Cordova Museum
  • Photo Contest & Iceworm Photo Show
  • Variety Show, complete with the crowning of Miss Iceworm & Citizen of the Year