Ski Town, AK!

I just moved here from a ski town in Colorado. Have I mentioned that? Well, I guess I’m a snow thief then because I seem to have taken it all with me when I left there last year. Say what you will: I may be a thief, but I’m no hog! They can send a giant cooler up here and haul as much as they want to back to Steamboat.

We have a ski resort here, too, you know. Mt. Eyak actually has the oldest operating chair lift in North America. That’s kind of a fun fact, but it doesn’t help us when there’s too much snow for the lift to even run!

This was taken at the top of the chairlift, the chair buried in snow. Photo credit Rob Campbell

The season started here with about 2 feet of fresh powder on Thanksgiving. New Year’s weekend 2012 was also pretty epic (to employ Cordova’s most overused term of the year). Check out these great videos by John Giardina.

This next one is from the same day, and the view’s not bad either. Yep, that’s the ocean right there in the distance, starting at about minute 2:09. When the clouds part, this place is pretty freaking breath-taking. Too bad we have almost no daylight to see it in winter!

Maybe someday this snow will stop so we can actually ski again!


5 thoughts on “Ski Town, AK!

  1. says:

    Why do dogs love the snow so much???????

    Great videos. Hope everyone in Cordova is doing o.k.
    Stay warm, spring is somewhere around the corner………..

    • CordovaBuzz says:

      Thanks, spring is probably a LONG way around the corner for us. That’s okay, my dog will be in heaven playing in the snow piles that I’m sure will still be left in July!

  2. Joan Holley says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I really enjoy your blog. Especially down here in S. Arizona. You have kept me up to date on the happenings. My son, daughter in law & grandson live there in Cordova.

    I enjoyed those terrific videos & wishing I was 30 years younger & could be there.

    You do a terrific job with your blog. Keep up the great work. Hope I get the opportunity to meet you when I am up there in July.

  3. Arrexxxx says:

    This is so awesome, looks like Utah last season! I need to get up there, I’ve been entertaining the idea of transferring that way for work…these posts sure are helping that thought, haha.

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