Fire and Ice – Unsung heroes of the Cordova Snowpocalypse 2012

My spouse, Micah, and I are part of the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department.  It’s a 100% volunteer department and the one and only rescue crew in town.  So, whatever the emergency, from an avalanche to a car accident to a heart attack, they are the ones that respond.  Home-town heroes that have day jobs and families and do this for the community for free in their spare time.

taken last summer, during sunnier times 🙂

We carry a pager along with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can respond to an emergency.  As you can imagine, during this “Snowpocalypse” emergency, we have been quite busy.  Responding to houses that have caved in, avalanches, going on patrol, and always shoveling, shoveling, shoveling.  These are great people, some of the best in our community… but they get tired too.  This photo was taken last night at the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department weekly meeting.

photo courtesy Micah Renfeldt

Apparently, Dick Groff needs a bit more of a push when it comes to taking a break.  His wife secretly pinned this note to his jacket when he fell asleep between shoveling and Fire.  When he groggily came into the fire hall for the weekly meeting, Micah was able to snap this picture before he noticed.  Ha!  This is awesome.  Just shows you how dedicated these folks are!  Thank, you, Cordova Volunteer Fire Department, for all you do!


Since writing this post last winter, I have learned a lot more about this group by participating in all kinds of events like cancer head-shave fundraisers, parades, car washes, medic training, and of course putting out some fires.  And I feel this needs to be said…  this is a very dedicated group that likes to have fun too.  Here are some highlights from CVFD 2012:


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