The Snowpocalypse Diet

I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. Thank you Snowpocalypse for helping me get into the pre-wedding shape I’ve always dreamed of. *warning, Snowpocalypse is not for everyone, talk to your doctor before taking on Snowpocalypse, side effects may vary. Some people have experienced fatigue, lower pack pain, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, feelings of depression, muscle cramps, numbness in fingers, minor bleeding, and bruising. If you experience these symptoms, it is not recommended to quit taking on Snowpocalypse as symptoms may worsen. However, some people experience temporary relief by mixing Snowpocaliypse with alcohol.

Vivian Lian wrote this great quip.  Regardless of all this crazy weather, I feel pretty lucky to live in Cordova with such great people.  We’ve got some pretty funny ones here.


One thought on “The Snowpocalypse Diet

  1. Janice Clark says:

    I love this…I am friends with Michele Buckhorn up there…she is pretty hilarious herself…you guys got hella good and funny peeps up there…I love cold weather, but you guys are ridiculous up there with your crazy snow!! heh! I want to come up and visit my friend Buck…but when I can walk around and not slip and break my ass…LOL! Praying for less snow and more warm for you guys up there!

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