Snowpocalypse Update 1.12.12

Here’s the latest from Cordova Snowpocalypse 2012.  I took these beauties last night and this morning.

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Here’s a video I took this morning:

This informational press release was sent out from the City of Cordova today.

“Snowpocalypse”  Thursday, January 12, 2012, 10:00 am
Update from the City of Cordova Command Center

  • The Copper River Highway is NOW OPEN USING 5 MILE LOOP ROAD road. The road is icy, please travel with care.
  • If you need to have your home assessed for possible damage, please call 424-6212.
  • If you need assistance please call 424 6212 and get on the list. Life and Safety issues come first. If you can get a neighbor’s help to shovel, please do. And then thank them profusely!
  • If you have confirmed damage, please call 424-6200 and ask to speak with Sue Muma. She will assist you with paperwork and information.
  • Alaska Commercial is closed until possibly 1:00. We will update you on the status. They are working on clearing the roof.
  • Everyone should be vigilant and keep up with the snow on your roof, your fuel tank access and pathways. Even if you’ve done it once, or twice, or three times – do it again!! Watch out for any falling snow.
  • City crews are working on secondary streets and alleyways today.
  • National Guard and Coast Guard crews are ONLY working on assigned and critical tasks including commercial buildings and businesses today.
  • School is closed today through Friday of this week. All athletic events are cancelled for this weekend.
  • Roads are very slippery because of ice. Stay at home if possible if at all possible.
  • IF YOU HAVE A CAR BURIED IN SNOW, YOU SHOULD DIG IT OUT OR MARK IT IN SOME MANNER!!! Crews need to know where your vehicles are!!
  • Please keep children at home. Bidarki Recreation Center is posting some great indoor activities and entertainment ideas on their Facebook Page. Check it out!
  • Please keep children off of all snowpiles, snow berms and away from heavy equipment. Visibility with all the snow piles is very limited.
  • The Baler is closed. Extra dumpsters are now in place in the harbor near the harbormasters and also on the old harbor side.
  • If you feel unsafe in your locale an emergency shelter is set up at Red Cross Shelter/Bidarki Recreation Center. We are also going to encourage anyone who feels unsafe because of roof conditions in their homes to also take shelter. Please call 424-6212 for the details of what you should bring, how to deal with pets, etc. There will be food provided. Pack a to-go kit. Again, please call 424-6212 BEFORE you leave your home.

More information on; KLAM, KCDV, KCHU and

Translation:  Don’t drive because you can’t go to the grocery store anyway.  Unless you need to take out the garbage, then you have to go all the way down to the Harbor.  If you need assistance shoveling off your roof, you can call us but the National Guard is busy with more important things, so really you just need to get your neighbor to help you and then bake them 3 dozen cookies.  Make sure to keep a path to your fuel tank shoveled out, but don’t stand under your eaves to do it or you’ll get crushed by the glaciers falling off your roof.  Make sure your kids and vehicles are clearly flagged so they don’t get hit by a snowplow.  And finally, stay inside for crying-out-loud!  At least they give you games to play at home  🙂


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