Cordova Snowpocalypse 2012

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My dog loves snow.  She rolls in it, eats it, buries herself, and chases snowballs until she can’t walk.  To her, when it snows, it’s like the whole world is covered in one big edible toy.  But for the rest of us, snow is only fun until… well… until it’s not.  Here in Cordova, we’ve had a lot of snow lately.  Over 15 feet, according to NOAA.  We all heard about it… heck, most of us have been breaking our back for the last week shoveling it out of our driveways, sidewalks, doorways, lives.

I’ve been skiing the heck out of some skiing here at Mt. Eyak, but there comes a point when enough snow is enough.  Generally that point comes somewhere in the same region as 3 avalanches and some roof collapses.  Thus far, Copper River Seafoods, Orca Adventure Lodge, and at least 6 residences have experienced cave-ins and it hasn’t stopped yet!  We even made the newspapers, Anchorage news channel, and (most importantly) cable TV!

Thanks, Kevin Kimber and Rochelle Van Den Broek for helping out those poor LA folks that will never know the blessing of a Cordova winter.  I just tweeted a few pictures, and all the sudden I’m getting asked for an interview as well!  Man, if we’re not careful, we’re going to start feeling like movie stars here.  Wait, no that will never happen unless there is a reunion episode of Northern Exposure coming up that I don’t know about.

We may all be tired of the sight of it right now, but as an historical reference and just to revel in one more time, here are some of the best pics of the Cordova Snowpocalypse 2012!

Businesses shut down early on Thursday, January 5th due to the whiteout conditions, and were almost all closed Friday.  Here’s why:

Most people spent Friday shoveling out their own homes and cars, here’s how we spent ours:

The mayor has now declared Cordova a “Disaster Area” and proclaimed a State of Emergency here, so the National Guard just arrived to help shovel roofs and clear out dangerous areas.  It’s a good thing too, because even though the weather man says there’s a 24 hour reprieve on the horizon, the Tuesday forecast holds (what else?) more snow!

If nothing else, I think this whole Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon or whatever you want to call it has done one good thing, at least… gotten our cameras out!  One last vid from Rochelle Van Den Broek.

Here’s a list of all the people that think we’re so cool and interesting that they wanted to write about it.  Well, actually they think all this snow is cool and interesting, but really who’s keeping track?

Well, now don’t we feel popular?!  Let’s try to take a life lesson away from this, shall we?  How about this one:  When life gives you a Snowpocalypse, “keep calm & shovel on!” (Kelley Weaverling, circa 2012).


37 thoughts on “Cordova Snowpocalypse 2012

  1. Erin Douglas says:

    Thanks for all of the great photos!!! I am hoping to see some photos of the Coast Guard housing… Please post any if you have the chance to walk up that way.

    We are thinking of all of you up there… A little enviously and a little grateful that we aren’t shoveling.. (As you can see, we have conflicting feelings about snow!)

    Take Care and stay safe!!!

    The Douglas Family (Steve, Erin, and Marie)

  2. Grace Atterbury says:

    Wow!!,Thanks for sharing…as beautiful as it is I’m sure it’s past the point of tolerable.Wishing you a safe,warm,speedy cleanup :^) Cordova has been the highlight of many of our vacations a great place to live & visit!!God bless you all! The Atterbury’s

  3. Marion says:

    Great Pictures but you can keep the snow. We had our share last year here in Boston. My favorite pic is the Husky on the roof! Take care, keep warm, and shovel away.



  5. Michael says:

    Well, you made it to CBS national news. Perhaps you should consider exporting offficial Cordova snow cones to the lower 48.

    Best of luck from Connecticut and keep warm

  6. BJ says:

    Omg!! Thanks for sharing! Stay safe, Keep your sense of humor, Our prayers are with you, God Bless, and remember “This too shall pass!”

  7. Frances T. Boulton says:

    My nephew Peter lives in Cordova, Alaska. I haven’t seen a picture of Peter, his house or his two cute doggies. I’d like to see how Pete is doing. He told me he loves the snow, and the dogs are having a blast. My local newspaper in Bernalillo NM, featured a picture of the snow up in Cordova. I send my love and kisses up North. See you next summer. Auntie Frances

  8. Jim says:

    I saw about your website on national CBS news this evening. Amazing photos and videos. Here in Iowa we have had no snow this winter – quite the opposite from the last two winters when we seemed to blow snow every day. We learned the importance of trying to remove heavy snow from roofs before they collapsed. Good luck to you all up there. BTW – noticed your post about national co-op month. I work for a rural electric cooperative here in Iowa. Hope you have been able to keep your power on during all the bad weather.

  9. Mandi McClure says:

    Hi! Hope you all are staying warm and safe. I saw Cordova on the CBS National News yesterday and it just stopped me in my tracks. I love snow and have always wanted to visit Alaska, but whoa! Thanks for sharing the photos and video clips. I was glad to see an insiders view and not just from a news outlet.

  10. Tom Corey says:

    I lived in Cordova when I was a kid in 1956-57 when my step father was stationed at the Coast Guard base there.

    As best I can remember, main street:
    Board Sidewalks
    Hardware Store
    Drug Store

    Grocery Store
    2 Liquor Stores
    13 bars
    Nicest people in the world
    Fresh air so fresh it made you feel good to breathe
    And my first girlfriend, Linda Swartzbacker
    Good luck to all the people in Cordova from Houston, Texas !

    • CordovaBuzz says:

      Pretty much the same, except board sidewalks are just on a block of second street. Concrete sidewalks on mainstreet now (when you can see them). 2 grocery stores, no theater anymore, probably about the same number of bars (haha)! And still DEFINITELY the nicest people in the world! Thanks for the Nostalgia, Tom! Come back and visit us sometime!
      Love, Cordova

  11. Snowsmith says:

    Couldn’t you come up with an original idea rather than using ‘Snowpocalypse’? 11 people died as a direct result of Snowpocalypse which happened in Chicago last January. I hate that the Pilot and Today has accredited you with the term. I am slightly offended and definitely not happy with your musings.

    • CordovaBuzz says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re offended. That was a horrible incident, but my use of the term is not connected to the Chicago event at all. In fact, that termed has been used several times over the years in more places than Chicago. Nevertheless, I never claimed to have created the term, but I do believe it is relevant to call the 18 feet of snow we received in 10 days a “Cordova Snowpocalypse”. It’s horrible that anyone has to suffer because of these unforeseeable events, but I’m not going to apologize that we have had no fatalities. In fact, I am very grateful that we haven’t. We are considered a “disaster area”, and there is a lot of damage to Cordova. But my blog focuses on the good things and good people of this town, and even in this blizzard, I feel very lucky to live here. I hope you get a chance to read the rest of my blog. You’ll see that I’m not out to offend or hurt anyone.

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