10 Must-See Videos of Cordova, Alaska

I’ve always known that Cordova was an awesome place with some pretty unique people, but recently I’ve been addicted to www.Youtube.com, and came across these great videos that prove it.   Here are my Top Ten Must-See Videos of Cordova, Alaska.  Hope you enjoy!

  1.  Pack-rafting the Copper   – I thought I was pretty B-A for rafting the Copper River from Chitina to Cordova.  These guys did it in a kayak and pack-raft!
  2.  No Words Necessary – Wow!  Beautiful video!  Mostly instrumental music, very little narattions but great cimetography and editing.  One correction:  it’s “Eyak Lake”, not “Kyak Lake”.  🙂
  3.  Things we do in Cordova – A great glimpse at life as a teenager in Cordova (the fun, sunny parts anyway)!
  4.  Speedflying Mt. Eyak  – Imagine skydiving plus skiing.  That’s “Speedflying”.  Check out this AMAZING speedflying video taken at Mt. Eyak in Cordova.
  5.  Surfing at Child’s Glacier  – Surfing the waves of the calving Childs Glacier in Cordova, watch World champion big wave surfers, Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala get the rush of their lives.  FYI: some swears in this one.
  6.  Inside Sheridan Glacier  – Ever wonder what it looks like inside a glacier?  Check out this video taken in an ice cave of Sheridan Glacier in Cordova.
  7.  Heli-skiing Cordova  – You can’t google Cordova without hearing about it’s Heli-Ski Operation.  Check out this video courtesy of Points North Heli.
  8.  Super Sledding.  – This is a shout-out to Cordova’s own Jon Nichols.  Stay classy, Jon.
  9.  Copper River Salmon  – Anybody who’s ever been to Cordova knows that the biggest thing here is SALMON, specifically Copper River Salmon.  It’s famous across the globe as “the best salmon in the world”, but why?  Watch this video to find out.
  10.  Ice Worm Festival – “In my opinion, Cordova has what every city in America longs for:  a sense of community, a sense of its own unique culture and a style of its own… and the beauty speaks for itself.”  A great video blog of the 2010 Iceworm Festival.  This is possibly the best video example I’ve seen of how great our community is here.

If you have a video that you think belongs in the ranks of “must-see”s, email it to me at cathy@ctcak.net and I’ll include it next time!  Which one was your favorite?


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