Hello, iPhone 4S!

So, for months everyone has been waiting for the illusive (and now ficticious) iPhone 5.  Well, we got the word today that we can keep waiting, but Apple is not making it anytime soon.  Forgive my sarcasm, my patience has been worn thin by this cat-and-mouse game.

But don’t worry, Apple can’t stand still for long.  The iPhone 4’s we all bought last year must be made obsolete!  Enter iPhone 4S.  So what does the “S” stand for?

  • Stand-in
  • Sort-of new
  • Seriously?

    photo courtesy mashable.com

    photo courtesy mashable.com

All kidding aside, one thing you have to say for Apple, they didn’t release a dud.  At least this newest iPhone has some legs to stand on.  Here’s what we have to look forward to in the newest chapter in iPhone history.  The biggest features of iPhone 4S are

  1. Dual-core A5 Chip – Let’s translate here: 2x more power and 7x faster graphics.  It’s acutally the same processor that’s in the new iPad 2.  Basically it makes your phone work better faster, and multi-task a little bit better without imploding in your hand.
  2. 8 mp Camera – Finally!  The 5 mp camera on the iPhone 4 worked great, but the world has moved on, and 8 mp is now where it’s at.  And they don’t just stop at megapixels.  The new iPhone 4S camera also improved its aperture, backside illumination sensor, auto-white balance, color accuracy, face detection, and reduced motion blur.  “This just might be the best camera ever on a phone!”
  3. 1080p HD video recording – Even better quality HD recording than iPhone 4 with video stabilization (See ya, shaky hands!), and the ability to edit video right on your phone!
  4. iOS 5 – This new operating system touts over 200 new features.  Here’s a few of the best:  Notification Center:  like Android v2.1 and higher’s drop-down status screen, this one-stop-shop shows you all the new texts, voicemails, downloads, updates, and any other message the all-knowing iPhone thinks you need to know.   iMessage: You’re no longer limited to texting only cell phones, you can now message any device running iOS 5 including iPads and iPod Touches.   Twitter Integration: There is now a “tweet” button on almost every screen of your iPhone 4S, so you can overshare to your heart’s content.    SafariReader: This web browser now automatically eliminates the clutter of ads and sidebars on webpages while you’re surfing, allowing you to read content in a stand-alone form.
  5. iCloud – You know when you download a new song from iTunes to your computer and then it takes you a month to plug your iPhone in and transfer that file?  Now that will happen automatically.  iCloud stores all your content (pictures, music, videos, calendars, contacts, documents) and automatically “pushes” it to all your devices.  So you never have to remember to back-up your data again.
  6. Siri – Perhaps the most exciting improvement of all.  For all of us out there who migrated from Android v2.2 to iOS 4, going without voice-to-text has been a tough transition.  But no more!  You can now speak your text messages into your phone and they will automatically type on the screen.  But that’s not all, Siri acts like a personal assistant and can answer your questions with info.  Just ask questions like “Do I need an umbrella?”, “Where’s the nearest ATM?”, or “Wake me up at 8:15am” and your phone will check the weather, give you directions, and set your alarm.  I haven’t tried this out with my own hands… er, voice yet.  But if this is true, it is so cool that I’m almost freaked out!  Siri, I like you…  Just don’t gain superintelligence, and try to concur the human race, ok?Siri is a personal assistant that knows what you're saying - only on the new iPhone 4S

That’s not all iPhone 4S has to offer.  For more info, visit the Apple Website.  They’re more than happy to tell you about it. 

But the question is, when can we get it?!  Apple has announced their release to big providers (like AT&T) for October 14th.  Here in Cordova, that translates to more like January… if we’re lucky.  No word yet from local providers, but for more info on the release of iPhone 4S in Cordova, you can follow @CordovaTelecom on twitter or like them on Facebook.


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