Another great reason to have a beer — Stout Day!

Even in Cordova, the beer aisle is getting more and more complicated, and dark beers are starting to take over the front row.  But if you’re new to Microbrews and Craft Beers, making the jump to DARK might be a little daunting.  Break out of your beer safe soon, and try something new!  STOUT DAY at The Reluctant Fisherman on Friday, November 4th is a great time to do so.  Jessyka from Let’s Talk About Beer will be there to educate and imbibe everyone on the joys of Stout.  Adam and Paul from the Reluctant have also put together some delicious menu options that would taste great with the dark deliciousness of Guiness’ baby.  Don’t miss it!

You can stop by after work for a quick brew or stay for dinner and then some.  Stout Day lasts from 4pm-Midnight, and The Reluctant will have 3 stouts on tap to test your pallette:

Alaskan Brewing Perseverance Ale, Denali Brewing Chuli Stout, and Kassik’s Roughneck Stout

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How to speak Cordovan

Here in Cordova, we kind of have a language all our own. Every day, I learn new expressions and  colloqualisms. Recently, I came across this prime example and couldn’t pass it up:

“We went out in my bowpicker to try and catch some humpie and we were really in em on the opener on the flats but we got corked so we just went back and went out the road. Guess we won’t be highliners this season.”

Calm waters in Cordova

There are several interesting Cordova vocab words and phrases in here.

For example…

  • Bowpicker – A bowpicker is a fishing boat used on the Copper River and Prince William Sound for the salmon gillnet fishery, called such because the net is dragged in over the bow, at which place fish are “picked” from it.
  • Humpie – Another name for pink salmon, called such because they develop a large hump near the head while spawning. Humpies, although not thought of as such a delicacy for dinner, are often a very valuable salmon catch because of their plenitude and the abundance of buyers. Continue reading

What is a Cooperative?

In honor of National Cooperative Month, today I’m writing about Co-ops.  Growing up in the midwest, my family used Grain Co-ops and Fuel Co-ops, but didn’t really know what “Co-op” meant.  Then in college, I started to hear about Housing and Food Co-ops (they always made the best organic sandwiches).  But now, working at a Cooperative, the term has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Webster says:

co·op·er·a·tive  [ kō óppərətiv ]  ADJECTIVE 
working together: acting together with others, or done by people working or acting together. “a cooperative effort”
co·op·er·a·tive  [ kō óppərətiv ]  NOUN 
business owned by workers: a business that is jointly owned by the people who run it, with all profits shared equally.  “a workers’ cooperative”

I’ve come to think of a Cooperative as a community-based business ran by it’s member/customers for it’s member/customers.

If you like Democracy, you’ll love Cooperatives! 

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Superman in Cordova?

Word on the street is that the new Superman movie:  Man of Steel will have scenes set in our very own Cordova, Alaska.  Although it’s unclear what scenes are set here, many people think Cordova might have something to do with the Fortress of Solitude.

To be clear, there will be no film crews in Cordova.  Although the scenes are set here, the filming will take place in Ucelet, British Columbia (in the Vancouver Islands) which is “dressed up” to look like Cordova complete with posters and such.  According to a source,

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Hello, iPhone 4S!

So, for months everyone has been waiting for the illusive (and now ficticious) iPhone 5.  Well, we got the word today that we can keep waiting, but Apple is not making it anytime soon.  Forgive my sarcasm, my patience has been worn thin by this cat-and-mouse game.

But don’t worry, Apple can’t stand still for long.  The iPhone 4’s we all bought last year must be made obsolete!  Enter iPhone 4S.  So what does the “S” stand for?

  • Stand-in
  • Sort-of new
  • Seriously?

    photo courtesy

    photo courtesy

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