Winter in Cordova

If you’re like me, you just got a little bit more excited about winter in Cordova. Points North Heli are the folks to see for adventure like this. Either that, or hike it yourself like my friends Rob and Lauren did.

Rob Campbell and Lauren Padawer backcountry skiing, Cordova AK

Lauren Padawer digs a pit to check snow conditions near Cordova AKSafety first:  Lauren’s checking snow conditions before they get too far up to make sure it’s stable enough.  These peaks are pretty steep, so avalanches are no joke. Dropping into the descent from Wolverine Ridge, Cordova AKAnd then the descent!  Not many places in the world where you can ski straight down from the mountain top to the ocean:  Mt. Eyak, Cordova AK!  But for those of us who prefer more tame activities, you can also satiate that outdoor need with:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding at Mount Eyak Ski Area
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Sledding
  • Iceskating on Sheridan Lake

The latter may be the single thing I am most excited for.  Sheridan Lake is basically one gigantic puddle created by the melting of Sheridan Glacier near mile 13 of the Copper River Highway.  In the summer, it leaks out by means of Sheridan River, a really sweet little Class III rafting run that is actually the reason behind me ever stepping foot in Cordova in the first place.  This is me guiding a raft trip across the placid Sheridan Lake.  Rafting on Lake Sheridan and down the Sheridan River, Cordova AKThe trip continues into the roiling Sheridan River.  My friend Ben Roberts-Pierel is shown guiding Rock-n-Roll rapids below.Ben in the rapids of Sheridan River, Cordova AKWell, enough of this summer stuff. In the winter, as you might imagine, Sheridan River dries up and Sheridan Lake freezes, leaving you with one heck of an iceskating venue.  You can glide between icebergs and into bright blue caverns.  I haven’t gotten a chance to take part in this epic escapade yet, but I’ve borrowed a couple of pictures from my friends Rob Campbell and Dave Zastrow that tell a pretty great story.

Bert and Monte skating by the blue ice of Sheridan Glacier, Cordova AKIsn’t that blue ice gorgeous?  Sometimes you can skate all the way back into the blue caverns.

Skating into a glacier cavern at Sheridan Lake, Cordova AKI can’t wait to go take my own pictures out there.  But in the meantime, let’s look at more of my friends’.

Bert and Monte skating on Sherdian Lake, Cordova AKDave skating at sunset on Sheridan Lake, Cordova AK

Yes, winters in Cordova can be pretty amazing!  But before any of this can happen, we need some snow.  I’ve already got my skis out in the entryway.  I’m ready.  I hope mother nature gets the message. 

Join the convo:  What’s your favorite thing to do in the winter?


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