Fiber to the World!

Am I telling you to eat more Whole Grains? No, I’m saying that Cordova will finally have a hard-line to the rest of the world.  No more satellite delays, no more slow internet.  Enter streaming video, significantly faster speeds, and exponentially increased bandwidth.  Thanks to Cordova Telephone Cooperative, this remote town will soon have all the modern internet functions as the rest of the world!  Some Cordovans have doubted the actual arrival of this alleged Fiber Cable, but here it is in a press release by the company:  An anchor restriction in Prince William Sound due to the laying of the perverbial umbilical chord.  CTC fiber cable announcement anchor restrictionIs it true?  Is it really coming?  Looks like it and it also likes like boaters should watch their anchors!  Updates will be posted here as they are available.  You can subscribe to this blog to stay in the loop!


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